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  • There are different types of training for the different vehicles on offer from the wheels to work schemes.


    Mopeds & Scooters 


    Legally you need to pass your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in order to ride a moped or scooter. We aim to have a high level of training and ensure everything is done as safely as possible. To do this we have chosen trainers who have excelled in their profession over a long career. We currently have seven available test centers across Leicestershire and you can visit their sites below to find out more:


    The CBT itself will last the best part of a day, starting in the morning and ending when both you and the instructor are happy with your ability to ride the moped or scooter. If at first you are not successful on the test, we will allow you to try up to two more times. This depends on feedback we receive from the instructor on how well you did. Wheels to Work will pay for all of these attempts.


    Things to Remember


    When we have booked you in for a CBT you will have to make your own way to the chosen test centre for the specified time, bring your licence and it would be a good idea to bring some lunch as it will be a long day on an empty stomach.


    You must bring your licence or you will not be allowed to take your CBT as it is a DVLA requirement. If you forget to bring your licence on the day then you will may be liable to pay the £130 for the CBT, you may also have to pay this if you did not turn up on the day without giving sufficient warning to the CBT provider.



    Already passed your CBT?


    If you already have your CBT then that is excellent news, but we would like to have a chat with you and be given a copy of your CBT to make sure that it will last for the 6 months you are on the scheme. You would need to inform us before your CBT expires to give us enough time to book you in with one of our trainers so that you can still legally ride the scooter. If your CBT expires before we can get your CBT refreshed then we would hold the bike until the CBT has been acquired again.


    Electric Bikes

    Training is given on electric bikes by the bike provider, this is currently:

    E-bike centres - Leicester, training takes place on Granby Street, Leicester.

    Pedal Bikes

    Adult cycle training is given on pedal bikes to ensure cyclists have sufficient confidence and road knowledge. The training takes place at one of the city parks and is carried out by a qualified cycle instructor.