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  • Step 1- Eligibility


    Firstly, we need to determine if you are eligible for our scheme. To do this please see page 'Are you eligible?'. If you are still unsure if you are eligible please use the 'Contact Us' section to fill out the enquiry form and we'll be in touch.If you would like a scooter, you need a provisional licence. If you haven't got your provisional then you can Apply online, if you're having trouble completing this online then you can visit your local post office and they will provide you with an application form.


    Step 2 - Apply

    Please download and complete our application form. If you have trouble downloading or printing the application form then please Contact us.


    Step 3 - Touch base

    When we have received your application form we will asses your eligibility and get in touch as we will need to speak to you to find out which vehicle will meet your needs.

    Step 4 - Training

    Once we've come to a decision on what vehicle you will be riding, we will organize your training. See the training page for more information. Usually it takes around 1-2 weeks to book the training, although this depends on how busy the chosen provider is at the time.

    The CBT lasts the best part of the day and will not be completed until both you and your instructor are happy with your ability to ride. Electric bike and pedal bike training takes as long as is necessary for your instructor to be sure you are confident and competent cycling on the road.

     You will need to let us know whether you have passed or failed your training; if you have failed get in touch, to make sure you feel confident in giving it another attempt. Then we will inform you of the next available date for training.


    Step 5 - Collection/Delivery

    Now that you're ready to ride we will discuss the next available date for collection. These are normally on Fridays at 1pm, and you will be expected to collect the bike from us at Melton Borough Council at the agreed date/time. We are only willing to deliver bikes in certain situations, for example if you're 16 years old and can only ride a 50cc bike. You will be given more information closer to the time, however when you arrive, we will go through the paperwork and sign the agreement of hire. Once you're all signed up we will show you around the bike and then you can ride home! The whole process will take approximately 1hr 30 minutes, and there will often be more than one person at a time. If you are 16-17 then a parent/guardian must be present for either collection or delivery.


    If you will be riding an electric scooter/bicycle, we will arrange delivery directly to you. If you come under our Leicester City Scheme, then we would ask for you to collect the bicycle/electric bicycles from E-bikes in Leicester (Granby Street).