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  • Wheels to Work is a scooter and cycle hire scheme available to those who are struggling to get to work due to transport barriers. This scheme has been running successfully for the past 10 years and has provided a programme that has helped a large group of people all across Leicestershire and Rutland.


    The original scheme consisted of just 20 bikes and only covered 16-24year olds in the Melton, Rutland and Market Harborough areas.  Around 3 and a half years after the scheme began, Leicestershire County Council supplied funding to provide a further 20 bikes for Leicestershire over a two year period.


    Exciting developments meant that in 2012 Leicestershire County Council was awarded a grant from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund "LSTF”, Wheels 2 Work Leicestershire was awarded a grant from this fund which has enabled us to offer a wider range of 2 wheelers including electric scooters and cycles as a greener option to the target area for the LSTF scheme, North West Leicestershire and Charnwood, as well as providing more vehicles for the greater area of Leicestershire. Again in 2015 W2W was awarded additional LSTF 2 funding to establish Hinckley and Bosworth as a new target area, in addition to this the scheme has also worked with the DWP on a new programme for the Hinckley and Market Harborough districts.


    Since this funding, the w2w scheme has now secured funding from the Access Fund grant, to provide a scheme around the west of the city and parts of the surrounding county. This scheme focuses on the greener side of transport, and we mostly provide bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters. we are still offering petrol 50cc and 125cc scooters in all areas throughout the county, and in this target area. However due to the lack of funding available this year, we have had to reduce our fleet to 85 scooters, and 30 bicycles/e-cycles from our previous years of running 160 scooters.


    Wheels 2 Work Leicestershire and Rutland is part of Melton Borough Council and runs from our offices in Melton which now has a larger dedicated team offering support and advice.